So Country. So Clean.

I went home to Mississippi for the holidays. I planned to do some research and explore and photograph the plantations that my family grew up on, but since I was taking pictures, I decided to take some of myself as well. There is no better place to start this blog than Mississippi.


This one is in Jazmine’s parents’ backyard in Jackson, MS. I love the color of their guest house, and the rocking chairs are classic. I layered a black DKNY cardigan with a classic navy blazer and added a turquoise scarf for some color. The scarf was handmade in Asheville, NC from locally grown organic cotton.


This is on Deer Creek, a tributary of the Mississippi River that runs through my hometown, Leland, MS. I’m a big fan of the purple-orange combination. The pants (producer style) are from Express, and the shoes are Cole Haan. The bullet necklace is handmade from Absynia Shop


This is on the front steps of my dad’s house, where I grew up. The colors came together well. The sweater and pants (producer style) are both Express. The infinity scarf was handmade by my sister (hands down my favorite scarf). And the shoes are Alfani.


Here, I was visiting my grandma on one of the colder days of my stay, which gave me a chance to wear my wool coat to compliment this bright color combination. The scarf is handmade from a local Native shop in Durham. The tie is an Alfani knit tie. The vest and pants (again, producer style) are both Express, and the orange shoes make another appearance. The bullet necklace peeking out is also from Absynia Shop.

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