I Can Do Professional


Had a job interview today. As I walked into the lobby, a man hanging out there said I looked as if I was coming for an interview. When I told him that I was indeed about to interview, he said, “If your resume is as sharp as that outfit, you’ll get it.” I don’t know how my resume compares to the outfit, but I appreciated the vote of confidence on both accounts. Now, even though I don’t know how the interview went, I know the outfit turned out well. I don’t have to do this type of professional very often, but apparently I can do it.


This overcoat is likely the best value piece in my closet. It’s Saddlebred. Got it from Belk for less than $100.


I didn’t even plan to wear the vest, but I was running late and didn’t have time to iron my shirt properly or make sure my tie was the right length. Throw an already ironed vest over it all and get out quick.

One response to “I Can Do Professional

  1. I think you did well! First impression is how you carry yourself!. I know the interview was nothing less than amazing!. The clothes just compensated!!.. 😘 love ya big bro

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