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Email: Robert@MagnoliaFresh.com Twitter@Magnolia_Fresh Facebook: Magnolia Fresh Instagram: @MagnolaFresh

Welcome to the South

Browsing black men’s fashion blogs, I found a number of sites dominated by street photography and other urban imagery interspersed with sites discussing proper “gentlemanly” fashion. None of those appealed to me so with a little encouragement from friends, I decided to push the boundaries myself. “Magnolia Fresh” was born.

“Magnolia Fresh” is a homage to my home state, Mississippi, The Magnolia State, and highlights my mission here. I plan to showcase fashion that represents the South, using background imagery that explores the rural-urban mash-up that is indicative of the region. In a world where Southern, rural, and black don’t conjure fashionable images in the minds of the public, I seek to show the world that we can do this fashion thing too.

This blog isn’t about predicting or following the latest trends in high fashion or celebrity fashion. It isn’t about presenting a respectable black gentleman. It isn’t about spending a lot of money. It is about individuality, flexibility, and economic modesty (sometimes) so I’ll break a lot of “rules” and trends, adjust the same pieces for different contexts, and mix designer wear with homemade pieces and items from etsy, thrift shops, and novelty shops.

You can read more about me here.


email: Robert@MagnoliaFresh.com twitter: @Magnolia_Fresh facebook: Magnolia Fresh instagram: @MagnoliaFresh

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