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email: twitter: @PhuzzieSlippers

Magnolia Fresh is run by me, Robert L. Reece. I am a PhD student in sociology at Duke University where I take an intersectional critical race approach to research on the American South, black popular culture, gender/sex/sexuality, and digital technology. I am a part of Still Furious and Brave, a blogging collective of scholar-activists that focuses on issues that rest at the intersections of race, region, and feminism.

I’m from Leland, MS, a small town in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, and obtained BA and MA degrees in sociology from The University of Mississippi. I’ve organized or co-organized forums about masculinity and sexual assault, blackness in the 21st century, Mississippi’s Personhood Act, and the contemporary social movements with co-founder Bobby Seale. I collect black art, Black Panther Party memorabilia, black superhero comics Legos, and consider myself a connoisseur of southern rap.

I’ve worked as a contract researcher for Frontline Solutions, a consulting firm for NPOs, foundations, and government organizations and gives talks on healthy masculinity. I’ve made an appearance on Al Jazeera America’s nationally broadcast television show “The Stream,” HuffPost Live, and I’m a past contributor to the Good Men Project online magazine.

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