The Basics


The purpose of this page is to provide a centralized hosting spot for basic information about men’s style. These are all articles I’ve used and vouch for personally, gathered from a wide variety of blogs and other places. They cover all levels clothing: hats, shirts, coats, blazers, pants, shoes, accessories, and detail things like how to select a well fitting shirt, how to match a tie to a shirt, and how to tie a scarf. Dive in.

Let’s start with dress codes. The rest of the tips listed here are ultimately irrelevant if you don’t know when to wear certain outfits so I’ll start with pieces that outline the dress codes for common social situations. Here are definitions for:

Now, let’s move on to individual articles of clothing, beginning with your shirt:

We should also get you some pants to go with that shirt:

Next up? Shoes:

And to top it off, add a nice blazer or sport coat:

But if a suit is more appropriate for the occasion:

Don’t forget that it sometimes gets cold:

Accessories are also important, lest you risk looking plain. I like to divide my accessories into “essential” and “non-essential.”

Let’s start with essential accessories: ties and pocket squares:

And on to the non-essential accessories: scarves, hats, sunglasses, and bags:

But it’s important to remember with non-essentially accessories that the rules are flexible. Don’t feel beholden to the rules about face shape.

Finally, here a few pieces with miscellaneous tips:

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